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The Recession Prep Checklist – Our Latest Proprietary Tool



We noted in September that we are always preparing for unexpected world events, economic surprises and personal challenges, which is why we invented–and use daily–the Retirement Shock Absorber®. To this end, we want to continue being thoughtful in preparing client portfolios. The following are a list of discussion points that we believe to be topical for today’s environment:

  • Creating “dry powder” now to invest into equities during pullback
    • Not timing the market, but taking advantage of a potential downturn as it happens
    • Rebalancing portfolios to become more aggressive during pullback
  • Review debt, especially at retirement, and consider becoming debt-free if you are not already
  • Reviewing your Retirement Shock Absorber® with your Brown and Company team
  • Reviewing your Lifeboat of Liquidity™ and planning cash flows for future living expenses
  • Reviewing portfolio-related income compared to spending requirement
  • Evaluating the comprehensive balance sheet to improve decision making
    • Availability of turning on cash flow from pensions or annuities
    • Analyzing any “secret weapons” that can be used in times of need:
      • Vacation properties
      • Inheritance
      • Outside investments

We look forward to talking with you over the upcoming months on the above checklist. Please call our team to discuss the specifics for your situation. We remain committed as ever to planning for, and protecting, your successful financial future.


Mark R. Brown, CFP®

Managing Partner | Brown and Company, Inc.


*All Investing involves risk including loss of principal. Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against loss. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.